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Hi Lois,

I just wanted to thank you again, on behalf of myself and Hachette [Publishing], for inviting me to this year’s Palm Beach Book Festival, and I wanted to say what a truly fantastic time I had. It was an honor for me to share a stage with Gail Sheehy and Leigh Haber during my panel, and the audience was simply terrific. They proved sophisticated and adventurous, and it was easily the best book signing I’ve done yet. The vibe all weekend made the festival feel like the kind of authoritative event that’s been up and running for 10 years–it was almost hard to believe that it was just the second year. With a community this engaged, I have no doubt that the Palm Beach Book Festival will continue to prosper and evolve in exciting ways, and if you’d ever like to me to come down for it again, just say the word.

-          Owen Gleiberman, Senior Film Critic, Variety & author of MOVIE FREAK


Dear Lois,

I  just wanted to thank you for including me in The Palm Beach Book Festival. There was a feeling of bonhomie among participants that I have not experienced any where else. You have a kindness and a knack for giving so much of yourself to others. What you’ve done for Palm Beach is so generous.  You invited a wonderful group of people and set the perfect tone. The two dinners were special and elegant – I haven’t been to any events in PB that I have enjoyed so much. You made each and every author feel special despite having to organize so much in 72 hours.

At our panel I thought the audience was very engaged and I was surprised/ delighted how far some people had traveled to attend. It felt as if many came to learn and not just be entertained and it felt very good to be a part of such an event.

-          Margaret Thornton, novelist, CHARLESTON



Hi Lois,

So happy that my donation reached you. I think the Book Festival is probably the best thing to happen to Palm Beach since Henry Flagler built the Breakers!!! Seriously, as my husband always says, readers are leaders and I can’t think of a worthier cause than inspiring a new generation to read and write. I know reading saved my childhood. So, keep up the great work, and please do keep me posted as to new developments. Wishing you both a wonderful summer too,

-          Joanna Elm, proud supporter


Dear Lois:
Thanks for the updates and for all you do!
Your conferences have been great – informative,
entertaining and inspirational.
All my best wishes,

-   Arlene Englander
      LCSW, MBA

Hello Lois

Bravo!!! Kudos to you and your team! Ya done GOOD!

Thanks for creating such a great event for the Palm Beaches about Authors and Books. God we need you now more than ever…… encouraging people/kids to read.

The authors were engaging and Robert Wagner a walk down memory lane – Hart to Hart!

- Deborah Hutchinson, Palm Beach


Bravo on the new book store!  The festival book sellers had smiles, were kind, and so helpful this year.  The lines moved quickly, efficiently and Howard, the book agency manager was delightful and engaging to even the longest of lines.  Thank you for bringing together such a team.  This is my favorite festival!  Counting the days until the 2018 one. Do you have a set date yet?

With love and regards,



Hi again Lois–quick thank you for providing such an excellent bookfest! Sebastián Junger and Amor Towle (what a gentleman!) were just as interesting and inspirational as I had hoped.



You are such a star, with such a full life, I don’t know how you did it.
The whole lineup was perfect and you brought out the best in every regard.
I did post a couple of demonstrative tweets, hope you saw them.




I just wanted to thank you so much for making today an amazing experience for my students, staff and I. You are so amazing, genuine and generous. Looking forward to Saturday!


Michael Aronson
Pahokee Middle High School
“International Baccalaureate World School”
900 Larrimore Road
Pahokee, FL 33476



On 4/22/17, 8:22 PM, “Al’s Gmail” wrote:


You are the bomb! The festival far exceeded anything Jane and I expected. What a roster of articulate, engaging, superstar authors!

If the objective was to inspire, you succeeded in spades. The panels were superb. Matthew was wonderful. The signings were fun and intimate. (Scott even remembered our dinner.)

Thank you so much for including me. You deserve total credit for what has to be herculean work making this festival happen, and even more, succeed.

Much love, Al 

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Hope you enjoy the theater and your Event . You were a great Host a. Beautiful host and I so love your passion . You almost made me cry talking about buying the books and you just wear your emotions on your sleeve and everyone was moved .

You are something special and the World is lucky . You make dreams, educate, change life’s and the list goes on and on . I was so so disappointed with the age of the audience . Need to find ways to make all of us have free time to read and want to read . Stimulates the mind and is healthy . So type of Gimmick where it rings them in maybe sports, money, vacations .

I don’t know how but if something isn’t done it will be rare or extinct .  Huge friend admirer and fans of you both


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Want to thank you so very, very much for organizing everything and ensuring that my eleven guests for the James Patterson panel were treated really royally.

Getting them to the head of the line for the book signing was brilliant on your part. I do thank you so very much.

I think you know that I would not have asked the favor on my own behalf. But these ladies are special, and I know they are going to remember the event for many, many months to come!
I enjoyed the day immensely. Lois did a truly fabulous job.
Please keep me posted as to progress on the next Palm Beach Book Festival. I think you and the Festival are very firmly on the map now!!!!
Have a wonderful Summer,



My son and I attended the Robert Wagner presentation this past Saturday. I just wanted to take the time to let you know what a great time we had. The venue was awesome, the staff and volunteers were all friendly, helpful, and professional. Everything was organized and went smoothly. Even the signing line which can often be choatic went smoothly!
Me. Wagner was great, we enjoyed his talk and his rapport with Mr. Eyman. My son who is 18 hasn’t stopped talking about it. He called his grandparents to tell them all about meeting Mr. Wagner. I immediately sent the picture to my brother we used to stay up watching Hart to Hart when we were kids.

Speaking of pictures, I wanted to mention the lady that was taking people’s pictures in Mr. Wagner’s line was fantastic! She was so kind and friendly! After our turn she helped my son and I get back to the elevator. He has CP and uses a cane so stairs can be difficult. I wish I would have asked for her name. Please pass on my regards!
We hope to be back next year and if you ever put on any events in Broward we will be there as well!

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After our 2018 Cocktail launch party: 

Hi Lois

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for inviting me to the cocktail gathering last night. I’m so glad to have finally met you in person.
You are an inspiring individual who is both passionate and dedicated to a host of worthy causes. You certainly have inspired me, and I must say, that you made me a “fan”.
Once again, thank you so much for taking the time, and having enough interest in my work,to help guide me down a road I have never traveled on before.

Jerry Kellerman 




I don’t know how you do what you do but you certainly do it well! I knew from hearing you speak last year that you’re an excellent public speaker, but you’re also terrific in intimate groups. I really sensed that the crowd felt warmed, welcomed, and intrigued, by your talk about goals and the upcoming festival. Well done!

Really appreciate your encouragement, support, and kind words, last night. Very excited about all this! And I truly enjoyed meeting your lovely husband.

More to come Janis






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