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Dear Friends of the Palm Beach Book Festival:

We need your help. It’s a fact….

Did you know that for the past four years our funding comes mainly from ticket sales?  But, we want tickets to stay accessible not unaffordable. We want to grow education programs.  Reading is our most endangered species.

Did you know that out authors come in speaker-fee free?   We don’t pay high speaking engagement fees or take grant money to cover those high fees. What separates us from other events in Palm Beach County is that in 2017 we brought in up to $1,000,000 in  guest author and celebrity talent for the price of providing their airlines and hotel accommodations. (some are flown in by their publishers.)  Why? Our authors believe in my mission. And many are close friends, or close friends of other author friends.

Unlike some of the glam non-profits in town, we don’t have fancy buildings, fancy fountains and grounds, or a big staff.

Did you know that the next festival begins the day the last one ends?  Running any type of a festival is a year round job.  Setting up the authors’ flights and accommodations are only 2% of what’s involved.  There’s outreach to schools, full-time PR and Marketing, non-profit status reports, and challenges with the powers-that-be in our community and county. There’s publisher meetings, publisher inquiries, logistics, Event Brite ticketing, web design, and all types of other responsibilities right down to answering every phone call, fan mail, or nationwide inquiry in our ‘inbox’.  The Festival is a full time business just like a regular 9-5 office. Except it’s not a 9-5 job. It’s a often 70 hour a week job minus a salary.     We hope that in 2018 we can move forward with some ‘real’ assistants! Fingers crossed.

Did you know we’ve partnered with FAU to do year-long one-off events?  The first will be Erica Jong on February 2nd 2018 to discuss feminism’s new direction.


Did You know that this year we want to do more for the Pahokee Schools?  It’s a fact.  We’re smitten.   For 2018 we have added a Young Readers of the Palm Beach Book Festival.   The festival will be free of charge and hosted by the very generous Palm Beach Day Academy.  Authors like Kwame Alexander, Troy Cumming and our favorite author, James Patterson will be in attendance for the BY INVITATION ONLY students.

DID you know that According to Amazon, Florida has the highest readership in America?  With our vacationers, baby boomers and senior citizens devouring books, let’s help the next generation of aspiring authors.

Did you know our book seller Follett Books says we sell as many books as any major festival?   

Palm Beach County is already a hub to all types of cultural events…Theater, Ballet, Symphony, you name it.  Isn’t it time to become a literary capital?   By joining our exceptional family of donors, and with your gift, we can make this happen.  Your pledge is tax-deductible.  Your gift, no matter the size, will make a direct impact on supporting our mission to engage, educate and entertain the greater community of the Palm Beaches through visits with inspiring, world-class, authors.

Would you buy a ticket for a teacher or librarian?   Let’s fill the space with not only book lovers but  seats for teachers, librarians or high school students, free of charge.  For our 2016 festival we were able to put 30 students into seats. For our 2017 festival, 100 seats were given to teachers/librarians, 40 went to the Pahokee Students.  Can we seat more?  For 2018 we’re at the Convention Center (upstairs).  But we always promise to keep the festival as intimate as year one and two.

Please make a donation today .  No amount is ever too small, and every amount is humbly appreciated. For other sponsorship opportunities, read on below.  Perhaps you want to go the distance and sponsor a favorite author or dinner….


Oxbridge students meet real life authors Jacqueline Mitchard, Dorothea Benton Frank and actress turned author, Molly Ringwald.

Oxbridge students meet real life authors Jacqueline Mitchard, Dorothea Benton Frank and actress turned author, Molly Ringwald.

PBBF 2017

Pahokee High School students meet Olympic-winning, Laurie Hernandez, and receive a signed copy of her book.

PBBF 2017

Laurie Hernandez with a fan.

PBBF 2017

Laurie signing her book for a Pahokee student.

Go the distance…Would you like to sponsor an author’s panel?  Imagine, being the sponsor of the very author you’ve long admired. Later that evening, wine, dine, and be influenced by the power of words, and by the person who wrote them.

The guest table


Please EMAIL  or call 561-429-4008 for details on how to sponsor an author.  

On behalf of our board, myself and all of our authors-forthcoming, thank you for believing in us and for helping our community at large.

Most sincerely,

Lois Cahall
Founder & Creative Director

The Palm Beach Book Festival Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in the state of Florida. The organization’s ID # is 31954. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll free within the state 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) or visit 100% of all contributions are maintained and distributed by this organization.


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